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Top FAQ's

What is Wahi?
  • "Wahi" is a swahili word that means (be on time, at the right time)

  • Wahi is a digital commerce platform connecting businesses, people and communities to financial and payment services anytime, anywhere.

    We enable you and power you to make everyday purchases in an easy, convenient and secure manner. Enjoy the exciting experience of paying seamlessly and In-app from anywhere your money is whether it is mobile money, a card or bank without the need to transfer it around various wallets thus incurring expensive fees
    Do I need Funds to Transact on Wahi?
    Yes. Wahi is a payment platform that requires you to have funds in your preferred wallet account (e.g Mpesa) to transact.
    How do I pay my bill with Wahi?
    You can pay your bills via our app. Get it from Google Play Store (https://bit.ly/WahiApp )
    How safe is this platform to pay my bills?
    Wahi platform is very safe as it uses industry approved and proven security certification on a high-performance technology platform that’s been tried and tested for years. You will also be able to track all your payments and get receipts on the App. employed.
    What payment method can I use on Wahi?
    Currently, you can pay using your mobile wallet account such as Mpesa and Equitel Money. You can also add your VISA or Mastercard and pay via card. These are the payment options currently available but there is an ongoing process to bring others on board very soon. We will notify you once we include another payment option.
    Can I pay through the Web?
    Unfortunately you cannot pay via web. we're working to enable this option soon.
    How do I Add an account to the App?
    • 1. On the Wahi 'Home' page, select category of the bill you want to add e.g Pay TV, Power, Water, e.t.c
    • 2. Choose a service under the category, for example, for Pay TV you can choose DSTV,GOTV, or Startimes.
    • 3. Fill in the account details, that is, account number.
    • 4. Click on save to save the bill.
    How do I Delete an account on the App?
    • 1. Tap ‘My Bills’.
    • 2. Tap on the Account you want to delete.
    • 3. Tap on the delete icon/trash bin icon.
    Can I put money into my Wahi app wallet account?
    Wahi does not keep/store your money. You only pay directly from your mobile wallet
    Will there be any other bills added to the current options and if so, when?
    There are currently plans to add other bills to the Wahi ecosystem, once these bills are ready, we shall inform you.
    How do I know that my bill has been paid?
    When you pay your bill, you will receive an acknowledgement message via SMS, and have a receipt displayed in your Wahi RECEIPTS page on the App.
    Do I get a receipt with every payment I make?
    Yes, you will get a digital receipt for every payment that you make and this will be displayed in your Wahi RECEIPTS page.
    Am I charged for using Wahi/ What are the transaction costs.
    No. There are no charges for airtime purchase, token purchase, and KPLC Postpaid bill payments on Wahi. However, standard Mpesa paybill transaction charges may apply on other payments (like sending Money) and these vary depending with the amount tendered.

    My Account

    How do I complete my profile on the App?
    Open the Wahi App and follow steps below:
    • On the homepage click on the profile icon or swipe to the left.
    • Choose ‘Edit Profile’.
    • Fill the required fields.
    • Click on ‘Update profile’.
    Can I pay from outside of my set country?
    Yes, you can so long as you have the sim/number you registered with still active in the phone you are using.
    How much do you charge per unit for KPLC Prepaid?
    Wahi does not determine charges and/or other fixed costs levied by KPLC. Token allocation is done exclusively by KPLC. Therefore, the number of units received per transaction is determined by KPLC as per their tariffs.
    How do I attach a transaction receipt when making an inquiry?
    Open the Wahi App and follow the steps below:
    • Click on ‘Receipts’
    • Identify and click on the transaction you would like to attach
    • A receipt will appear on your screen
    • click on the support text
    What happens if I don’t get a response after paying my bills?
    If you don’t get a response after paying your bill, you can contact our customer service by pressing the chat option on Wahi App, email us on info@wahi.co.ke
    How long should each transaction take?
    Each transaction should take no more than a few seconds to complete barring any network (internet connectivity) issues your provider might have. Send us a chat or email us info@wahi.co.ke in case of any delays
    I want to change where my repayments come out of
    You are unable to alter the account while you have a pending payment. Once the account is paid simply log in and click on 'My Profile' to update these details.
    Can you deposit funds into a different account?
    Due to our automated service we need to deposit advances into the same account that your normal wage is credited into. We will also take the repayment out of this account.
    How can I disable my account?
    You will need to use the help option in the side-menu of the app to request that your account be disabled. Please note we cannot disable your account while you have an outstanding advance.

    Wahi Service

    How do I buy airtime for my Airtel/Telkom/JTL line on the Wahi App?
    Open the Wahi App and follow the steps below:
    • 1. Select the airtime option
    • 2. Select your preferred network from the 3 icons depending on airtime you want to buy. For example, select Airtel if buying Airtel airtime.
    • 3. Confirm the phone number you would like to pay for.
    • 4. Confirm the amount.
    • 5. Select your preferred payment option.
    • 6. Follow the prompts.
    Can I pay for Rent, NHIF, HELB,NSSF?
    Unfortunately, we have not started powering payments for these services. We will let you know once services are supported on Wahi.
    Can I pay using another number?
    Yes you can. When transacting on the App, select the option of ‘ask someone else to pay for you’. The number you nominate will be the one that authorises payment.
    Do you offer loans?
    Nope, we don't.
    Will I get bonus airtime each time I transact?
    Yes. Bonus airtime is subject to terms and conditions and therefore we will inform you when we update our commission discount
    Can I install Wahi on different Phones?
    Yes you can install Wahi on different phones
    Who can use Wahi?
    You can use Wahi so long as you have a smart phone that can download Wahi App from Playstore


    Why can't I ring someone at Wahi?
    Our customer support team is email & chat based only for now. This enables us to assist customers in a timely manner and track the progress of your requests, whilst ensuring the costs of our service are kept to a minimum.
    What do I do if I need assistance?
    Should you need assistance in using any of our products, you can select the CHAT icon on the App and chat with us. You can also contact us through:
    • Facebook Page: Wahi App
    • Twitter handle: @wahipay
    • Email: info@wahi.co.ke
    • Instagram: wahipay

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